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The Parsley Porch has MANY options when it comes to the above.  We have many salt blends such as garlic salt, onion salt, celery salt, hickory smoke salt, and Season All (season salt).  We have many TYPES of salt, including FINE Sea Salt, “Kosher” MEDIUM Salt, COARSE Sea Salt, and Himalayan Pink Salt.

All Parsley Porch RUBS and other Parsley Porch blends are “low salt” meaning < 10% salt. 

Found ONLY at The Parsley Porch are NO SALT Blends:

Cajun Seasoning

Bouquet Garni

Dilly Dip

Fish Spice

Garlic Herbs

Jerk Seasoning

Lemon Dill

Lemon Pepper

Pizza Seasoning

Taco Seasoning


No salt blends are a bargain as you are getting ALL quality spices blended and at a weight not adulterated by salt.  Salt is “dirt cheap” which is why SO many competitors add it to greatly enhance the weight of a blend.  FEW people don’t add salt to their food, but we believe how much you add should be YOUR choice.


ENOUGH from the Spice Purveyor. 


Time for a mini-lecture from the Biochemistry teacher and the Anatomy & Physiology teacher.


EVERYONE needs salt in their diet to live a healthy lifestyle.  In the USA, salt is overabundant in our diet.  Unless you working for a paving/ road crew, install roofing, or have a similar occupation where profuse sweating is part of the job…You probably get plenty of salt in your diet.  MANY of us have TOO much salt in our diet resulting in hypertension (aka high blood pressure).  Salt ATTRACTS water.  Think how to kill slugs on vegetation.  Putting salt on these pests draws out water and kills them. 

Eating salty foods, potato chips, pretzels, corn chips, popcorn, etc. makes your thirsty because it draws water from your body cells and osmoreceptors in your hypothalamus say “I’m thirsty!”.  After your beverage of choice, the salt is absorbed into your blood stream and salt WITH the water it attracts is like putting more pressure on your plumbing system (blood vessels).  Just like any plumbing system with too much pressure, pipes can burst.  Aneurisms (ballooning of a blood vessel) or strokes (bursting of a vessel in the brain) can result.  High blood pressure makes the pipes stretch and weaken particularly as we age and can make us prone to cardiovascular accidents.

Flavor and seasonings are personal choices and preferences.  With 200+ products let The Parsley Porch help you accomplish your culinary goals in not only in a flavorful but also healthy way.  Bon appetit!

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