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For our customers that prefer the convenience of home shopping, but aren't experienced in online purchasing, please follow these steps:


East of the Mississippi and < $50 is a flat $8.00 shipping charge

West of the Mississippi and < $50 is a flat $12 shipping charge

No shipments to AK or HI

1. Using our mail order price list, make a list of your order and exact quantities.

2. Use the same names for products that appear on our price list.

3. List total the prices you expect to pay.

4. List the name, and address, including zip code, to whom you want it shipped. (great holiday or "thank you" gifts!)

Send us an email with the information from numbers 1-4 (above.) . 

5. We will reply to your email usually within 48 hours with the final price that includes shipping. We will use the USPS flat shipping rates and boxes.

6. PayPal is the preferred method of payment as it fast, reliable and protects both of us.  It is very easy to set up and use with virtually anyone in the world.

7. Just enter parsleyporch@gmail.com in the space asking for the seller/merchant email. We now will take Visa / Mastercard over the phone for a next day pick up for Priority Mail.  If you prefer you can send us a personal check or money order for the final price. If it is a money order your products will ship the day after it arrives in the mail.  If it is a personal check, your products will ship as soon as your check clears.

8. PLEASE ASK QUESTIONS IF YOU ARE UNSURE ABOUT ANYTHING. We would rather your order take an extra day or 2 and us both be happy. example.....if you order "minced onions" but wanted "chopped onions", we both would be disappointed that you didn't get what you want, but minced onions are smaller pieces (smaller than 1/4 inch,) while chopped are 1/4 inch or slightly larger.

9. If a blend is "No Salt" it is listed that way on the price list. All Parsley Porch blends are "low salt" which = <10%. The lone exception is "Season All" which is our blend of a "seasoned salt" which = 50% salt.  Obviously, any blend with the word "salt" in it is  >50% salt.  ie  Celery Salt, Garlic Salt, Hickory Smoke Salt, etc.

Thank you & Happy Shopping!

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